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We are creating an extraordinary and unique school. Located in the heart of Kelaniya, Kelani Maha Vidyalaya is one of the finest public Buddhist schools in Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. Belonging to the IC Category, the school has illustrated talents in many various sectors. There are classes from grade one to GCE A level stage. The school comprises of the total cadre of 52 staff and administration. Up to date the school has a total of 1400 students attending their studies. It also include 3 classes per grade. Each classroom is separated, which makes this school one of the most popular schools in the region.

As a leading school in Kelaniya Educational Zone the school has produced many distinguished citizens to our mother land at present many projects are implemented to improve students’ academic and extracurricular activities. The school had been developing under many principals over the years, the present principal Mr. D. Gamini Suraweera is highly engaged in the development of the school. Not only we want to improve our students’ lives, but we also hope to contribute to the cause of education.

Curriculum & Pedagogy

We believe that education should take into account everything students experience during each moment of their time at school. Deciding what we intend students to learn and develop, how we will implement the curriculum so that students make progress in their areas of learning and then how we will evaluate the impact of the curriculum by checking what students know and can do.

Core Academic & Knowledge

Core Knowledge is a springboard for learning that provides the foundation for a sound, well-rounded education in the arts, humanities and sciences. It is specifically designed to bring out the best in every student from every background.

Immersive Language Learning

Immersion-based learning means learning a language in the most authentic and natural way possible. It’s a great way to learn because it allows you to truly experience almost all aspects of life in the language you’re learning. 

College Advisory

We also believe in our students. For more than 65 years, we’ve been helping students connect ideas and opportunity. We know the difference the right college can make.  That’s why we take time to get to know each of our students and each of our families.  We ask questions. We listen. We mentor. In the end, we empower students and their families to chart a path from where they are to where they want to be. We love what we do because we know when students discover the best in themselves, colleges will too.

Academic Excellence

What makes us unique?

Kelani College is renowned for academic excellence. It encourages curious minds amongst pupils from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. So much of what makes Kelani College exceptional is the people who are a part of the school. Our teachers nurture independence of ideas and encourage innovation. Our pupils develop their own passions and interests, whilst collaborating in outreach work that prepares them for compassionate leadership in an increasingly global society.

Our founder was a visionary who revolutionised education. We seek to continue his tradition of looking ahead.


Encouraging Curious Minds

Academic success depends on a love of learning shared between pupils and their teachers. The school seeks to explore each subject in richness and depth, extending study well beyond the curriculum.

Discussions and debates, unique to Kelani Maha Vidyalaya, helps pupils think critically and articulate their thoughts confidently. 

Community & Outreach

Sharing Experiences

Working in partnership with a wide range of charitable organisations and local schools, Kelani Maha Vidyalaya is committed to an extensive programme of outreach.

Behalf of Kelani College, Kelaniya, Sri Lanka, I warmly welcome you to our school! Kelani College is an exceptional learning community. We are about to embark upon a new chapter as a National School and an
exciting year, with great enthusiasm. Our skilled and devoted staff is working hard to prepare rewarding learning experiences for all students and hold the highest expectation for them to attain their personal full potential.

The golden years in school are not about lessons and homework, but about growing and excelling in every way possible, to fit into the fast changing and fast progressing world. Today’s change is bigger than yesteryears. We are witnessing unparallel changes in every field, where there is struggle for existence, where the strongest and fittest is accepted and appreciated.

We, at Kelani College, are dedicated to provide catalytic impulses to every child to stretch his inherent learning competencies through a self discovery process. Kelani College shapes up the students to be good at heart, rich in moral values, meticulous in thought, systematic in planning and smart in action.

We strive to endow the student with a platform, helping them to broaden their horizon and in the process provide them a healthy refined, holistic and substantial education. We arm our students with
technological supremacy and help them integrate it with values, as we firmly believe that every child has the potential to achieve something significant.

Kelani College undertakes the challenging task of moulding the young impressionable minds into valuable assets of the society, precious gift of mankind and pride of human race.

My message to you is to express my appreciation for the loyal support and forbearance our students, staff, parents and alumni have given us; I hope the students who pass through the various courses offered
in the school will make full use of their time acquiring a knowledge which will reflect credit on themselves and Kelani College as their place of learning.

Working together, we look forward to making their school life a memorable one for our students at Kelani College, through your participation and interest, as you will come to feel very much a part of our school and its warm and generous community.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

Mr Gamini SuraweeraThe Principle
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The Kelani College Curriculum

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At Kelani College we see the curriculum as something that embraces more or less everything that a pupil does. You may ask why we see the curriculum that way. For many schools, the curriculum is just the academic part of what a pupil studies. But that really doesn’t do justice to what an education is.

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